Keeping Pouch Close at Hand

Scrawl Pouch is most useful when you’re using it alongside other apps, rather than having to switch to it every time you need to grab or drop something.

Slide Over

Slide Over mode is best for when you want Pouch available in as many places as possible. Pick up Pouch’s app icon and open another app. Drop it anywhere near the right or left edges of the screen to cause Pouch to float in a small window above the other app. Swiping Pouch away will let you access the other app’s full screen, and then you can swipe from the right edge of the screen from any app to bring Pouch back quickly.

Side by Side

Side by Side mode is useful when you’ve already gathered everything you need from other apps, and now you want to pull everything out of Pouch into a final “destination” app. There are two ways to get Pouch side-by side with another app:

  1. If you’ve already got Pouch in Slide Over, grab the small tab at the top of the Pouch window and slide it upwards. The window will expand and sit side-by-side with the background app.
  2. Otherwise, putting Pouch in Side by Side mode is very similar to putting it in Slide Over mode. Grab the Pouch app icon and hold it on the far right or far left edges of the screen. When the background app shrinks, drop Pouch in the blank space left behind.

Other Ways to Use Scrawl Pouch

While using Scrawl Pouch as an area for temporary holding drag and drop items, sometimes all that movement can get tedious. Fortunately, there’s a few other options for adding or retrieving items in Pouch.


Items from Pouch can be searched from iOS’s Spotlight feature, making it easy to pull up arbitrary items from anywhere you are without launching Pouch.

If your items have non-descriptive names, it can be hard to find them with Spotlight. In this case, tap any item to bring up a menu of options. One of these options, Rename, allows you to give an item a better name for searching for.


If your destination app doesn’t support drag and drop, or you just don’t want to try to drag an item to the destination, you can cut or copy it to the clipboard instead. Tap any item to bring up the options menu, which includes “Cut” and “Copy”.