Getting started with Scrawl Pouch is quite easy; just drag and drop! Hold on to some text, an image, a link, etc., in an app other than Pouch, move it to the Pouch area, and let go. The item you dropped in will be copied to Pouch and be available for dragging elsewhere.

Deleting Items

Once you’ve dropped an item somewhere, you’ll likely want to remove it from Pouch. There are a few ways to accomplish that.

Simple Delete

Tap any item in Pouch. A menu will appear with a few different options. One of these options is “Delete”. Tap this option to immediately delete a single item from Pouch.

Bulk Delete

Tap the “Edit” button in Pouch’s top navigation bar. Once you’ve done so, you can tap individual items, which will “mark” them for deletion, adding a red minus sign icon over the item. After you’ve marked every item you want to delete, tap the trash can icon in the navigation bar to perform the delete.

Unlocking Scrawl Pouch

The free edition of Scrawl Pouch only lets you add a total of five items. If you’d like to add more than this, open Settings by tapping the gear icon in the top left of Pouch’s top navigation bar, then tap the row titled “Unlock App” to purchase the full version of Pouch. Once you’ve made this (one-time) purchase, you’ll be able to add as many items to Pouch as you’d like.